A new form of Consulting

The world is changing and so are businesses

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We didn’t just create a new consulting company, we created a different kind of consulting.

We’ve stepped into the digital age. We now live in a world with automation and robots, the way we work is changing because the world we live in has changed. Emphasis on the human touch, care and happiness is more crucial now. We bridge the gap between happiness and organisation to create a powerful and meaningful experience for your customers, employees and your brand.

What we do

We believe we can change the world one thought at a time

Our experienced catalysts will help you grow with the following services:

Happiness Quotient

A program designed to grow businesses, with its success measured with Customer evangelists, and engaged organisation of Happy employees and all stakeholders.

Business Consulting

We can help your business stand out. With our programme that focuses on business mentoring, strategic consulting and capacity building, we ensure that you scale and transform your business.

Learning & Coaching Program

We help our clients learn and develop their talents with our immersive learning and coaching programme. Catalystor provides a wide array of Learning & Coaching Programs.

Technology Adoption

This programme is designed so that you make the right investment in technology, we not only help you choose the right software, but we also ensure that your organisation adopts and utilises the technology.

who do we want to serve

Who do we want to do business with?

Whether your organisation is large, medium or small, if you are looking for change, to grow or to have a happy organisation, Catalystor can help grow the business, get customer evangelists, adopt the right software. Basically, anyone willing to make change, to learn and to grow.