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Business Consulting

We have designed a programme for companies that help them transform and scale their business.

Our unique program encompasses
        1. Business mentoring
       2. Strategic consulting
       3. Capacity building

Our Business Consulting programme helps you answer the following questions and more.

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What are our goals?
Setting and defining your goals is crucial for the growth of your organisation. This includes not just your purpose and values but also how big would you like your enterprise to be? and how you would like to create social or monetary impact in the world?. We also would like to focus on the creation of your brand, and your market position.

What are you selling?

We help clarify what your core business is, and define your company’s products and services.
We work towards ensuring that customers love your products and become active promoters for it.
After ensuring that your product and service is at good strength we help you craft your product marketing. We help to make sure that the organisation embodies the values and believes in the product.

Where and how are you selling?

Besides the goods and services you have to offer, there’s also the matter of what industries or sectors you’d like to appeal to and the geographical regions where you plan to operate. You’ll also need clarity about customer segments, sales channels and your own role in the value chain

Catalystor sales programme framework assists in defining the customer story, Go to market equipment, sales training, channel network and influencer engagement.

How are you unique?
How to have a compelling value proposition tailored to different segments. We help you ensure that you are selling your product the right way and through the right channels, Come up with innovate strategies so that you are the best in the industry.

How to build capacity, Investments and execution support?
Together we co-create a robust business plan with clear accountability, meaningful targets, practical work packages and supported by realistic budgets for your organisation.
We implement a review framework that ensures speed, transparency and effective allocation of resources.


We help organisations transform by ensuring that there is a regular business mentoring session with the senior executives by providing insights, brainstorming sessions and asking the right questions and mentoring you through each phase of development.

At the end of the engagement, the business would have grown exponentially, through the execution of custom designed Sales Program, Rigorous implementation of the Product Marketing framework, Creation of an Engaged Organisation, Customer evangelists and a strong Committed partner network

Happiness Quotient

Happiness is the driving force. It is the purpose of everything we do, and what we aim to achieve. Everyone wants to be perpetually happy. We all want to be happy at work, at home, and with our friends. In business, we want our customers to be happy. In order to make customers happy, we need our employees to be happy. Holistically, we may need all the stakeholders to be happy, to create a vibrant business. Happiness Quotient captures the essential elements that leads to happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment. It makes it measurable. Thereby you can act over it.

What does the program do?
Happiness program supports the CXOs and Leaders to inspire and guide the organization by defining and measuring happiness.

The program assists in articulating the organization’s purpose, values and initiatives, which are meaningful and fulfilling to all stakeholders.

Mentors the leadership to create an environment of belonging, care and trust. Upskills the managers, through workshops on mindful listening, brand storytelling of promise to delivering on it, product marketing, and team work.

This program does not offer simplistic answers. Instead it will prompt you to consider the most important questions that the organization faces. It will not teach you what to think, instead it aims to teach you how to think about the legacy that you want to create through the unique expert driven Catalystor approach of inspiration and guidance.

Learning and Coaching program

Catalystor provides a wide array of Learning & Coaching Programs.

We believe in constantly learning, our learning and coaching programs are designed to be the Catalyst for your growth .

One on One coaching

This program is designed for Business leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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This programme is designed for business leaders and entrepreneurs.
In this classic executive coaching program, the majority of coaching issues we handle fall under the following categories:

1. Entrepreneurship Development
2. Personal goal setting
3. Organization Building skills

The coaching framework is personalized, and holistic allowing the participant to discover innate capabilities and experience well being and fulfillment.



This workshop is for Sales and Service personnel, Product Managers and Business Owners.

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Effective communication is essential to succeed in today's world. The biggest problem people face in their companies is the illusion that communication has taken place. Our program addresses the following key elements:

1. Listening and Mindfulness
2. Story Telling and Interest creation
3. Vulnerability and Connection

The experiential framework equips the participant with self-awareness and confidence to understand and be understood.

Product Marketing program

This program is for any Product / Services company.

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Once you have a great product, the next step would be to sell it. Often companies have great products but they fail as they are hard to sell. The following modules address this concern.

1. Value Alignment and Brand Building
2. Loyalty and Customer Experience
3. New Product and Service Definition
4. Pricing, Promotions and Commercial policies
5. Partners and Alliances
6. Data Driven Marketing
7. Go To Market relevant for Entry and Expansion
8. Customer Targeting and Value proposition
9. Sales Force Effectiveness

The Customer lifecycle over the stages of Informing, Inspiring, Installing, Implementing and Integrating with the organisation act as a lense with which to view the engagement .

Technology Adoption

We create the right culture for an organisation to adopt technologies effectively.
Growing companies need the right technology to support them, and the unique Catalystor OCIO (Out sourced CIO) Program has been designed to address this need.
Changing the life of the users, and debottlenecking through process corrections, agile practices, and creating a collaborative working environment is the mantra.
Using existing technology, fixing short term business goals by implementing the unique CCIO framework, is the differentiator.