About US


A catalystor is an expert/authority wants the world to benefit from his knowledge. We are willing to participate actively and take responsibility to drive — change. We care about healthy growth and drive good business practice.

Catalystors are experts and authorities on subjects. We have the willingness to constantly learn and we want people to benefit from our knowledge. We are people who have been there and done that. We care about healthy growth, good business and development. We also emphasis on culture and we believe in constant engagement.

We want to change the world one thought at a time, one organisation at a time for the better.

Our values

What we believe in

01. inspire

To inspire people with ideas and thoughts, to inline growth and success. We want to inspire people and motivate them with our thoughts and potentially change the way they think.

02. learn

To be a master one needs to be constantly learning. Everything constantly changes, so we believe in constant learning for our Catalysts as well as our clients. Knowledge is growth.

03. guide

We don’t just conduct programmes, we believe in guiding and teaching people so that they gain knowledge and implement that knowledge without help that will lead to success.

why us ?

The Catalystor Difference

When we say we partner well, we mean it. We don’t just come in and complete a workshop or a project “for you” or do it “to you”; instead we work and learn with you. So that you actually benefit and grow from the programme. We aim to actually be a catalyst in your company.