Happiness Framework

Happiness is our driving force. It’s our purpose in everything that we do; it is what we aim to achieve.

Everyone wants to be perpetually happy. We all want to be happy at work, at home, and with our friends. In business we all want our customers to be Happy and may want our employees, suppliers, shareholders and the community at large also to be happy.

The Happiness Quotient program captures the essential elements that lead to happiness, well-being and fulfilment.

While the objective of every organisation is to create a meaningful relationship with its customers and to make them fall in love with its offering. A small start-up does this intuitively. However, as organisations grow rapidly, they often fail to remain focused and are not well-equipped to continually enhance the quality of life their customers.

It is the responsibility of the organisation to deliver happiness. It is the job of the CEO of the organisation to create a happy organisation, which understands and delivers happiness to customers and all stakeholders.

The Happiness Quotient program supports the leadership to inspire and guide the organisation by first arriving at the definition and measurements of happiness.
Assists in articulating the organisation purpose, values and initiatives, which are meaningful and fulfilling to all stakeholders.

Mentors the leadership to create an environment of belonging, care and trust.
Skills the managers, through workshops on Product Marketing, Mindful Listening, Storytelling, and Teamwork planning, process improvement and prioritisation.

This program does not offer simplistic answers. Instead, it will prompt you to consider the most important questions that the organisation faces. It will not teach you what to think; instead, it aims to teach you how to think about the legacy that you want to create through the unique expert-driven Catalystor approach of inspiration and guidance.